Edward Snowden: NSA Lying, Collecting All Communications Into And Out Of US (Video)

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Snowden: NSA lying, collecting all communications into and out of US (PressTV, July 9, 2013):

American whistleblower Edward Snowden says despite U.S. claims that the National Security Agency only monitors foreign communications, all communications that go into and outside the U.S. are collected for analysis.

“The NSA doesn’t limit itself to foreign intelligence; it collects all intelligence that transits the United States,” according to a video released Monday by the Guardian.

Snowden made the remarks during the second part of his interview with Guardian’s Glen Greenwald on June 6 in Hong Kong. The first part was released last month when the British paper published shocking revelations about the NSA surveillance programs for the first time.

The U.S. super spy agency collects massive data on American citizens and other nationalities through their phone call and Internet records, according to the leaked documents.

The U.S. government has supported the spying programs arguing that they have taken measures “to protect national security.”

On Monday, a U.S. court ruled that the administration can no longer refuse to litigate wiretapping cases on the grounds that they would expose secret state intelligence and undermine national security.

The ruling concerns the government working with telecommunication companies like AT&T to illegally collect massive phone data of American residents, as well as making Internet companies hand in their users’ private data through a program called PRISM.

Snowden said U.S. tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo help in the federal data mining programs.

“They [U.S. tech companies] all get together with the NSA and provide the NSA with direct access to the back ends of all the systems you use to communicate and store data,” said Snowden.

The Internet companies already claimed that complying with secret data request orders were mandatory and they had no options except handing in their users’ data to the intelligence agencies.

The former fugitive systems analyst, who faces charges of “espionage” and “theft of government property” in the U.S., is now stranded in a transit area at a Moscow airport. He has requested asylum in several countries but he is not yet able to move as the U.S. government has revoked his passport.

3 thoughts on “Edward Snowden: NSA Lying, Collecting All Communications Into And Out Of US (Video)”

  1. One only need to look at US media to know they are pulling out all stops to divert US citizens from their behavior. A quick review of the 24/7 cable news channels that aren’t cover the monthly tabloid murder trial, while the financial channels hawk this nearly empty stock market to the greedy. Nothing of any value is discussed or covered. Many Americans are lazy, and that is what they are counting on. I fear they will succeed.
    I will be gone soon, and I won’t miss this life. Life in America used to be good, now it is an endless nightmare. All our civil rights are gone, all our freedom, our wealth…..all stolen while most fools slept.
    I don’t see anything good coming out of this. There is no free press to push on this essential issue, six corporations control most of US media. People overseas are far more alert, but they still have a free press. Americans are pathetically dumbed down, they no longer deserve the great country we once enjoyed. If they did, they would stand up for it. Instead, they listen to the lies of US media, and do nothing.
    I studied history, even wrote and published a book on WW2. I look at the quality of our leaders then compared to now, it is like night and day. Same for the citizens. As one who remembers, I am appalled at how quickly we have fallen.
    Thank you for continuing to cover these important stories. I wish more Americans paid attention. I guess they don’t care what kind of hell they leave their children and grandchildren. I have told my grandson to plan a life abroad, to get the hell out as soon as he is of age. I hope he heard me.
    Of all the eras of history I never wanted to experience first hand, it was the horrific era of the 1930s in Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia……….and that is what we are facing here in America. They have spy equipment Hitler could only dream about, and I see little hope of anything or anyone changing it. People today for the most part don’t read, think, or do anything……..mostly listen to TV media and waste their lives grabbing as much as they can.
    There is a saying that the meek shall inherit the earth. I believe that term is a mistranslation. It ought to have said, perhaps it originally did say…..the mindless shall inherit the earth……and it has already happened.
    Thanks for all you do.


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