EU Plans 2-Year Carcinogenicity Study On Deadly GMO Corn

EU plans 2-year carcinogenicity study on NK603 maize (GM Watch, July 3, 2013):

In spite of concerted attempts to denigrate and misrepresent the 2012 study of Prof GE Seralini on NK603 maize, it’s good to see that the EU has drawn the sensible lesson from the study and has issued a call for researchers to do a 2-year carcinogenicity study on NK603.

The EU will fund the study to the amount of 3 million Euros.

Details of the EU call are here:

Now we just have to watch to ensure that the experiment is well designed and the results not obscured by industry-friendly “junk science” tricks such as failing to ensure that the control diet is free from pesticides and GMOs, or feeding numerous “reference groups” of animals a variety of irrelevant diets and thus obscuring any toxic effects of the GM maize in what industry likes to call the “natural range of variation”.

More about these tricks here:

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