Jeb Bush To Present The “Liberty Medal” To Hillary Clinton

Jeb Bush to Present the “Liberty Medal” to Hillary Clinton (Liberty Blitzkrieg, June 27, 2013):

Yes folks this is really happening.  Don’t you just love how these crony crooks give awards to each other while the vast majority of the population can’t stand the sight of them?  So not only is Jeb Bush set to present the 2013 “Liberty Metal” to Hilary Clinton, but apparently Jeb Bush is also Chairman of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia!  In an article that gives anything The Onion has ever published a run for their money, we find out that:


Hillary Rodham Clinton will receive the 2013 Liberty Medal at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Jeb Bush, the chairman of the Constitution Center, will present the award to Clinton at a ceremony scheduled for Sept. 10.

Both Clinton and Bush are potential contenders in the 2016 presidential elections, for opposing parties. But in a statement, the GOP’s Bush only accentuated the positive.

Opposing parties…right.

“Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to serving and engaging people across the world in democracy,” said Bush, the Republican former Governor of Florida, son of a former president and brother of another. “These efforts as a citizen, an activist, and a leader have earned Secretary Clinton this year’s Liberty Medal.”

Don’t worry, in the event you can’t make it to the festivities, next month Henry Kissinger will be presenting the Humanitarian of the Century award to Barack Obama for his tireless dedication to Eurasia during his service as the Ambassador of Oceania.

Full article here.

See you in Dallas!

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  1. What a friggin’ joke. Either one of those people turn my stomach completely. That ought to show the sheeple that the US has a one party system………a corporate oligarchy.


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