AND NOW: Pesticide Industry To Receive Pollution Privileges In Farm Bill H.R. 1947

Exposed: Pesticide Industry to Receive Pollution Privileges in Farm Bill H.R. 1947 (REALfarmacy, June 14, 2013):

One need only do a quick search on the website to see the reality that is special interest influence over lawmakers. The literal millions of dollars given to lawmakers should shed light on the fact that Washington D.C. does not represent your interests.CropLife America is a lobbying group for the giant chemical producers like Monsanto and DuPont. From 2011-2012 CropLife America has spent $4,929,594.00 lobbying on behalf of companies that think it is just fine to spray pesticides over waterways. But what about the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts? Shouldn’t these acts of legislation prevent the discharge of pesticides over waterways? Well if you have enough money, you can write laws that exempt your company from the CA/CW Acts, and that is exactly what CropLife America has done in SEC. 10013. USE AND DISCHARGES OF AUTHORIZED PESTICIDES. Of H.R. 1947:

Like most detrimental legislation, this special interest polluting is equally divided up between Republicans and Democrats alike. The one rule that you can count on in D.C. is, he who has the money makes the rules. That is why it is imperative that we, as consumers, eaters, growers, and producers, simply opt out of this corrupt and self-serving system. Buy local, buy organic, grow your own, or even start a community garden; the amount of power that is stripped from the establishment by simply buying a tomato from your local farmer, or growing your own, will prove to be an essential tool in the near future.

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