NSA Spy Scandal Debate: Barack Obama 2013 Vs Joe Biden 2006 (Video)

YouTube Added: 14.06.2013


Watch then-Senator Joe Biden from 2006 as he directly refutes each point made by his boss, President Obama, about the NSA surveillance program at his news conference last week.

Read more here: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2013/06…

4 thoughts on “NSA Spy Scandal Debate: Barack Obama 2013 Vs Joe Biden 2006 (Video)”

  1. losers and why is berry the War criminal not in jail and why is bush not in jail for War crimes and executed for 9/11 and it was an inside job and where is the justice in America and is it all Illuminati controlled.?

  2. Why our leaders are not in jail is because they have all the power. Americans slept too long, and now awake, they confront a nightmare from which they cannot awaken. This is how coups happen, very quickly, and very efficient. We have lost our rights, and we have some nasty people in power.

  3. Our government is going after Snowden for criminal acts. People have to speak up and stop this insanity. Saw it on Democracy Now.org


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