FLASHBACK: Barack Obama’s Speech On Warrantless Wiretapping In 2007! (Video)


Flashback to 2007: Obama’s Speech on Warrantless Wiretapping (Liberty Blitzkrieg, June 7, 2013):

At this point we all understand that there is absolutely zero in common with Presidential-candidate Barack Obama and President Barack Obama.

He has so consistently lied while in office I have become convinced that he ranks deception as one of his most cherished hobbies.

Right up there with rounds of golf and posing for pictures with ice cream cones (he learned that trick from Uncle Warren).  After all, the man’s entire life is a giant lie.

A constitutional law professor who spends his entire two terms dismantling the document itself.

So… just in case you need a reminder in light of the NSA/Verizon spy scandal, here is what candidate Obama was saying in 2007.

10 Questions: Warrantless Wiretaps


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