Japan: 9 Out Of 9 Chiba Pref. Elementary School Swimming Pools Are RADIOACTIVE

Cs-134/137 from pool bottom sediment of 9 of 9 elementary school in Chiba, max as 796 Bq/Kg (Fukushima Diary, May 28, 2013)

1 thought on “Japan: 9 Out Of 9 Chiba Pref. Elementary School Swimming Pools Are RADIOACTIVE”

  1. Japan is dying, and the world says nothing.
    What a loss.
    But, it won’t stop there. The ongoing disaster continues to spread. Norway, Canada and the USA turned off the radiation monitors two weeks after the Fukushima disaster, that is how they dealt with the problem.
    Nothing is being done, there is no technology to stop it, so do we simply wait until we are all dead?
    I have never seen such apathy in my life as I see today.
    Perhaps the people who have conspiracy theories about those who want to depopulate the earth are correct. It doesn’t make sense. Why is nothing being done? Why is nobody trying?
    I was reared in a time when if confronted with a problem, we would work to find a solution. Now, people just pretend it isn’t happening.
    I was listening to some money people talking about Japan. They talked about how their debt is better than 200% of their GDP, yada yada yada……but not one word as to why. Not one word about the rejected exports that are returned because they are too radioactive, no word about the ongoing problem in Fukushima. Talking about the Japanese economy without referring to Fukushima is absurd. The Economist does it, along with other credible financial magazines.
    Do people think if they ignore it, it will go away?
    I have never seen anything like this. I live in Northern CA, and the radiation is already here. I guess we are next, because nothing is being done here, either. We have leaking nuclear plants in San Diego and in Washington State. Nobody discusses it.
    I cannot help but wonder if the ongoing Fukushima disaster is causing the glaciers to melt at such record speed. I cannot find a credible answer.
    Ignorance is invincible. If people refuse to look, or to learn, nothing can be done.


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