A Terrible Silent Tragedy Is Happening In Fukushima!

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A terrible silent tragedy is happening in Fukushima! The lone horseman of Itate speaks out! (Nuclear News, May 7, 2013)

1 thought on “A Terrible Silent Tragedy Is Happening In Fukushima!”

  1. Thank you for the information. Until this happened, and I have been able to hear from folks facing this right now, I often wondered what caused some of the great civilizations of history vanish without a trace.
    Fukushima might well be ours. Nuclear meltdown is a dangerous and radioactive man-made volcano, and we cannot see it in the air, on our food, in the soil where we grow food, or in the water. We have no technology to stop it.
    Instead, our leaders of all nations blacked out all news about Fukushima, shut down the radiation monitors and sit by mutely while Japan burns the waste using conventional methods that are not hot enough, sending the poison into our atmosphere twice.
    I don’t understand the inaction, or lack of effort to find a solution.
    98% of all species that have lived on this planet are now extinct. Looks like we are joining them.
    Thanks again.


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