Activist Rachel Corrie Murdered By Israeli Defense Forces – Tribute – Interview – When Killing Is Easy (BBC Documentary)

When Killing is Easy from Art Love on Vimeo.

TV review: Tragedy of innocent victims; When Killing Is Easy (BBC2) (The Free Library):

THIS powerful and at times shocking documentary investigated the deaths of three Westerners at the hands of Israeli troops.

Cameraman James Millar was shot dead while waving a white flag and clearly identifying himself as an unarmed journalist.

American Rachel Corrie was crushed to death under a bulldozer as she tried to stop Israeli forces demolishing a Palestinian home.

And photography student Tom Hurndall was left brain dead after soldiers shot him through the head as he tried to rescue a Palestinian child.

Death and destruction in the Middle East is so commonplace on our screen that we have perhaps been guilty of becoming de-sensitised to its horrors.

Thousands of Israelis and Palestinians have lost their lives in the bloody on-going battle.

But, unfortunately,it takes the seemingly inexplicable deaths of three Westerners to really engage most of our attentions.

Journalist John Sweeney was moved to investigate the atrocities after the death of his friend James Millar.

His conclusion was that the Israeli defence forces deliberately shot the innocent Westerners and then failed to properly investigate.

Although emotive and truly shocking, the documentary lacked balance at times and did not give enough emphasis to the underlying causes of this apparently unending conflict.

There were brief mentions of Palestinian suicide bombings and the atrocities that the Israelis have to face every day.

But the programme did a better job exploring the plight of the Palestinians and that went some way to explain what motivates the suicide bombers.

Without doubt these three Westerners were innocent victims.

The question remains how many more Palestinians and Israelis have suffered the same fate and gone unnoticed?

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    • I know a lot about it. She was a Jew-hating idiot, who had no business being where she died. Her whole objective was to help destroy Israel. Do you know anything about the equipment that accidentally ran over her?


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