How Much More Is Your CEO Making Than You?

How Much More Is Your CEO Making Than You? (ZeroHedge, April 30, 2013):

Three years after Congress first told the SEC that it required public companies to uncloak the details of their CEO compensation relative to his lowly employees; the ever-ready SEC has yet to implement any rules. However, in an effort to ease the tough job that the SEC has, Bloomberg has calculated ratios for the Top 250 companies in the S&P 500, based on industry-specific averages for pay and benefits for the rank-and-file (since companies don’t disclose median worker pay). The table below, of the top 50 companies (meaning highest CEO pay relative to workers), suggests it remains good to be king (and Ron Johnson just made another #1 Spot earning an estimated 1,795x the average JCP employee – money well spent…).

Source: Bloomberg

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