Shanghai Animal Apocalypse Accelerates: Pigs, Ducks, Black Swans, Chickens AND NOW FISH

Pigs, Ducks, Black Swans, Chickens And Now Fish: The Shanghai Animal Apocalypse Accelerates (ZeroHedge, April 8, 2013):

Shanghai just can’t catch a break – first it was floating dead pigs, then ducks, then black swans, then mass chicken exterminations, and now fish. From the Telegraph: ” Just weeks after over 16,000 putrefying pigs were pulled from Shanghai’s Huangpu river, more than 250kg of dead carp had to be retrieved from a river in the city’s Songjiang district. Mystery still surrounds the cause of death, but numerous explanations have surfaced in the Chinese media since residents first complained about the foul-smelling fish last Monday. Theories reportedly include climate change, electrocution, an explosion or even a drug overdose. The Shanghai Daily quoted a local government official who “speculated” the fish could have been “drugged.” So, in China things are so good, even the fish are ODing on sleeping pills? Hardly, but the fact that this is even floated “out there” just shows how miserably The Onion has missed its IPO window.


China has become notorious for its polluted rivers, largely as a result of decades of unbridled economic growth. Last year a senior official conceded 20 percent of the country’s rivers had become “too toxic for human contact”.

Shanghai authorities have so far denied the “fish kill” was caused by water pollution, citing the absence of chemical plants near the river.

Whatever the cause, authorities insist there is no risk to public health or drinking water sources.

“The river’s quality hasn’t been affected by the dead fish so far. It remains the same level as usual,” an official named as Mr Zhang told the China Daily. He did not explain what the usual level was.

Nor was there a connection between the dead carp and the thousands of rotting pig carcasses pulled from Shanghai’s Huangpu last month, local environmental official Liu Fengqiang said.

Of course not – that was a completely separate instance of mass drug-facilitated suicide.

One river-dweller told the China Daily he had stopped using tap water in the wake of the two scandals. “I need to trust my sources of water. I’m still haunted by the dead pigs,” Shi Hua said.

Meanwhile, samples of the dead fish have been sent for testing and the fish themselves have been laid to rest.

All the dead fish plucked out of the water were buried safely,” the Shanghai Daily reported.

… And have already been sold by local restaurants as KFC’s latest mystery meat?

All of the above visually, courtesy of George Chen:

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  1. The greedy guts are destroying this planet. China is one of the worst offenders……all in the name of profit. When they unearthed the civic center at Pompeii. they found engraved on the tile of the entrance their word for “Profit”. They, too, lived for More Money, More Power, More, More and More. The earth took care of them, and it will do the same to people once again.


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