Ben Bernanke’s ‘Inflation’ Record

Bernanke’s ‘Inflation’ Record (ZeroHedge, Feb 27, 2013):

Addressing a question yesterday, from Senator Bob Corker, on his “being the biggest dove since World War II” and the “degrading effects that he’s having on society,” Bernanke responded proudly that be believed his “inflation record is the best of any Federal Reserve Chairman in the post-war period.” Of course that is by his measure. We suggest, he and few of his transitory colleagues look at the chart below for a sense of just what his ‘dovishness’ looks like to the rest of the food- and energy-consuming world… or perhaps by ‘best’ he means ‘most’.

CORKER: So I think that, you know, I don’t think there’s any question that you would be the biggest dove, if you will, since World War II. I think it’s something you’re rather proud of…. Just wondering if you — if ya’ll talk at all in your meetings about the degrading effect that’s having on our society.

BERNANKE: You called me a dove. Well, maybe in some respects I am, but on the other hand, my inflation record is the best of any Federal Reserve Chairman in the post-war period, or at least one of the best, about two percent average inflation.

The Bernanke Era Inflation…

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  1. His inflation record is through the roof. Keeping interest rates abnormally low isn’t the answer. Look at what the rest of the world pays.
    We are over the cliff and falling fast. Fools like Bernanke have caused it. All the lies in the world doesn’t stop the fact organic milk is $10.00 a gallon in CA, food and gas prices are through the roof. Nothing can change the truth, no matter how often they talk.


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