Former Assistant Secretary Of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts: The Perfect Pope


Former Assistant Secretary Of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts: The People Who Are Leading America Are ‘Literally Doing A Vast Number Of Things That Are Going To Depopulate Or Bankrupt The Rest Uf Us’

The Perfect Pope (Solari, Feb 15, 2013):

The other day, I imagined members of the Knights of Malta and Opus Dei (the money guys) gathering in a quiet sanctuary to discuss the current financial meltdown in the Catholic Church and the perfect Pope to help evolve their business model and lead them into a new and wealth building period.

Who would be the ideal candidate? What would the profile be?

After 2000 years of financial and investment operations combining the magic of compound interest and the largest land and real estate holdings in the world with tax exemption and diplomatic immunity, and the accumulated capital thereon, the money men behind the church need the right man for the job.

  • He sells in the emerging markets. He is younger, more multicultural. He can bring in donors in the economies that are growing;
  • He attracts priests and nuns (read low cost labor) so he will agree to let them have sex;
  • He will provide a clean break with the pedophilia scandals so litigation costs and settlements will stop bleeding resources and bankrupting local entities;
  • He will attract back the members and tithes that have left because of the pedophilia scandals;
  • He knows how to work the media, so the likes of Time Warner/HBO can not break the bank with documentaries that explain how the pedophilia operations and settlements are managed directly by the Vatican;
  • He will preserve the brand so that sovereign governments don’t threaten the Church (and investment syndicates) diplomatic immunity and tax free status;
  • He will understand that in the day of modern technology, the confessional and pedophilia networks are no longer the most cost effective ways of  building a powerful control file system globally – indeed he is technologically sophisticated enough to know how to protect Church networks from the invasive technology of competing networks looking to build alternative control file networks and related money laundering. (Major loss of intellectual capital value to the competition going on here thanks to new technology combined with falling cash flows of the local parishes and churches);
  • He can find ways to outcompete Islam without requiring that the US military and intelligence community bankrupt the US government;
  • He will look more open and inclusive to women, minorities, gay people, all races and creeds, even be tolerant to birth control, euthanasia, (on a wink) abortion, stem cells;
  • He will look open, but the Vatican library (and all it tells about who and what really runs this world, suppressed technology and the true nature of the Vatican real estate and investment holdings) will be as secret as it ever was- and more. (That is, Jesus need not apply)
  • He will be photogenic and give a good speech;
  • He will appreciate the economic challenges of competing with networks that can print currency. He will be on board to use the Vaticans significant real estate interests in Europe and America to reinflate the real estate markets as next technology is integrated;
  • As new robotics and energy technology is rolled out globally and millions of people are unemployed, he will attract lots of new members from the disenfranchised;
  • He will continue to support centralized control of water, seed and food supply and the resulting urbanization of the global population and convert these new urban dwellers to the faith;
  • He will understand who is boss (not him).

A younger, multicultural US President (Obama) engineered $27 trillion of gifts to the banks and the breakaway civilization, right? He gives a young, pretty face to to the conquest and depopulation of Africa, right? He has got the Patriot Act, assassinating Americans, and torture on a sustainable path?  Why can’t we get someone just like him?

The money men need a Pope who tweets.

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