70,000 US Service Personnel Exposed To Fukushima Radiation: Navy Sailors Already Have Tumors, Brain Lesions And Cancers (Video)

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Attorney Paul Garner, who is suing TEPCO on behalf of U.S. service members, at 36:44 into the video:

“They’ve got leukemia. They have growths. They’re undergoing surgery to remove lesions in their brains, a couple of them have had them and have lost the sight in their eye.

One guy has testicular cancer he was aboard the Reagan. He’s 21. He had one of his testicles removed already.

And you know what their talking points are, the Tepco people and those in power?

It’s all low-level radiation, nothing to worry about.

It’s too little to worry about.

If they get away with this then what the heck did we fight Watergate for?”


Nuked Radio with RadChick // Episode 91 air date February 5th, 2013

Operation Tomodachi was a humanitarian mission conducted in Japan after the 9.0 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster that began March 11th, 2011 and lasted 80 days. 70,000 US servicemen & women from the Navy, Airforce, Army & Marines delivered food, blankets & water in areas of devastation. What they didn’t know was the severity of radiation exposure they received since TEPCO refused to acknowledge the extent of what was happening at the Fukushima plant. A registry was created to track subsequent health problems by the Department of Defense, but that program was recently abandoned. As many servicemen and women have already begun to exhibit severe health issues a lawsuit was filed in San Diego Federal Court against TEPCO by Environmental Law Attorney Paul Garner, to establish a medical fund for the servicemen & women who were involved in this operation as well as their families in Japan. We speak to Mike Seybourn about what it was like to work in a highly radioactive environment and what the future may hold for he and his family in terms of health. Paul Garner also joins us to discuss the lawsuit, dealing with TEPCO, and what kind of problems his clients are having.

If you were involved in Operation Tomodachi and have questions or concerns about your health status please contact Paul Garner at 760.600.0081 or email him at pcg@garnerlaw.com or his associate daryljbrooks@roadrunner.com

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The article I referenced about Iodine particles in rain in the Pacific Northwest can be found here:





The USGS found fallout from Fukushima in every soil sample tested, reported it, and then stopped testing April 5 2011…obviously this study needs to be ongoing:

ENENEWS covers interview: http://enenews.com/serviceman-after-f…

Previous video analysis of decontamination procedures: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-NbRD…

Interesting story from the BBC about atmospheric testing veteran who flew through a mushroom cloud and got cancer 7 times: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/0/20105140

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  1. Thanks for this report. I will send it on to others.
    You, enenews.com and fukushimadiary.com are about the only people with the courage to stay on this important story.


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