Highly Radioactive Fukushima Sewage Sludge Shipped For COMPOST

Highly radioactive sewage sludge shipped out of Fukushima for compost (Fukushima Diary, Jan 20, 2013):

According to Fukushima prefecture, 32 tones of radioactive sewage sludge is shipped out from the sewage plant in Kunimimachi Fukushima everyday from this month.

It’s about 80% of the total radioactive sewage sludge produced on the daily basis. If it’s under 200 Bq/Kg, compost makers accept it, if it’s under 300 Bq/Kg, interim processers accept it to in and out of Fukushima prefecture.

Fukushima prefectural government is trying to ship out all of the radioactive sewage sluge.

By the end of last year, the sewage plant had 23,000 tones of sludge. Fukushima prefectural government is negotiating with Ministry of the Environment about where to ship it out.

They also stock 21,000 tones in Koriyama, 1,500 tones in Nihonmatsu, and 190 tones in Tamura city. From Nihonmatsu city and Tamura city, newly produced sewage sludge is also shipped out.



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  1. What in the h*#^l are these people thinking? They have already poluted the Pacific Ocean and the remaining oceans will soon follow; no to mention the entire North American shore line and fishes that breed and live there. They, Japan, needs to be STOPPED !!!!!


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