Veterans Today’s Gordon Duff: Rogue CIA Elements Responsible For Aaron Swartz Death

Rogue CIA elements responsible for Swartz death: Gordon Duff (PressTV, Jan 20, 2013):

An American analyst says the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is responsible for the recent murder of the American dissident blogger Aaron Swartz, Press TV reports.

“There is no coverage in the mainstream media at all and we have found no possible excuse to this death…. We believe rogue elements within the Central Intelligence Agency are responsible,” Gordon Duff said in an interview with Press TV on Saturday.

Swartz, who was an outspoken critic of Obama’s policies, was found dead in his apartment in Brooklyn, New York City, on January 11.

Swartz was critical of Obama’s “kill list,” a list of individuals who are suspected of terrorism by the US and are listed for targeted killing after final approval by the US president himself.

He was also critical of the monopoly of information by corporate cartels and believed that information should be shared and available for the benefit of the society.

“There is no other possibility and that is a place that I go very reluctantly but I can think of no other responsible party. It has to be them [the CIA elements]. No one has this kind of power. No one would do something so obvious. There is no question that this was a murder,” Duff noted.

He further pointed out that the United States government has made the mainstream media turn a blind eye to Swartz’s death to cover up the issues which have caused dissent in the American society.

“The Swartz’s issue has been pushed off the newspapers. Our government is very good at burying new stories. And this is what they have done with this one. They are not allowing us to have any voice in this controversy,” the analyst added.

Duff concluded that 90 percent of the Americans are not aware of the issue linked to Swartz’s death as “it has not been reported on mainstream news, newspapers, television and not one word has come to the American public.”

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