Death By Gun Control: Why Governments Disarm Citizens

Mind Control, Not Gun Control (Activist Post, Jan 19, 2013):

Why Governments Disarm Citizens

History shows without exception that governments are corruptible and over time become tyrannical. Americans must accept this as truth or they will never have freedom and liberty. History also provides examples of peoples disarmed by their governments.

Gun control was implemented for ‘reasonable’ purposes in :

  • Ottoman Turkey, 1915-1917, results : 1.5 million Armenians murdered
  • Soviet Union, 1929-1945, results : 20+ million civilians murdered * the number has recently been updated to include up to 60 million
  • Nazi Germany 1933-1945, results: 20 million civilians murdered
  • Nationalist China, 1927-1949, results: 10 million civilians murdered
  • Red China, 1949-1976, results: 35 – 60 million civilians murdered
  • Guatemala 1960-1981, results 200,000 civilians murdered
  • Uganda 1971-1979, results: 300,000 civilians murdered
  • Cambodia 1975-1979, results: 2 million civilians murdered
  • Rwanda 1994 , results 800,000 Tutsi people murdered

Source: “Death by Gun Control:The Human Cost of Victim Disarmament”, Aaron Zelman and Richard W. Stevens, Mazel Freedom Press, Inc (January 1, 2001), ISBN:0964230461

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