Lance Armstrong Admitted To Doping With EPO, Testosterone And Blood Transfusions During ALL His Tour De France Races

Lance Armstrong outs himself as a sociopathic liar in a staged Oprah ‘confession’ that smacks of yet more public image manipulation (Natural News, Jan 18, 2013):

Lance Armstrong has now gone public with his admission of using illegal, banned substances to win his cycling races. In a confession to Oprah Winfrey, Armstrong admitted to doping with EPO, testosterone and blood transfusions during ALL his Tour de France races.

This is the guy who has berated, threatened, intimidated and screamed at anyone over the past decade who dared to suggest that he doped. His highly-aggressive lawyers sued people and organizations who suggested the man doped.

“Lance Armstrong hasn’t just denied ever using performance enhancing drugs, he has done so in an indignant, even threatening way,” reports ABC News.

And now, after a decade of deceptive denial about his own doping, Lance seems ready to rat on his fellow cyclists about their doping habits. “He is also talking to authorities about confessing and naming names, giving up others involved in illegal doping,” says ABC News.

How pathetic does this get? The guy who swore he never doped — and lied to the world year after year, race after race — is now going to point the finger at other cyclists and say “THEY doped!?”

And let me just say, on the record, that anyone who falls for this guy’s grand final manipulation — the staged Oprah apology — you are suckers and fools who have no clue how much you’re being deceived by a truly evil, devious manipulator named Lance Armstrong.

“What am I on? I’m on my bike!”

That was the famous line from one of Lance Armstrong’s televised Nike ads. It was a lie, of course. Armstrong was really on illegal substances that he conspired to have internationally smuggled so that they could be needled into his veins before the Tour de France races.

In admitting that he repeatedly doped, Lance Armstrong has simultaneously admitted he is a total prick who bullied whistleblowers and destroyed the credibility of people who were right all along about Armstrong’s cheating and betrayals. And while people like James Stewart sat in jail in California for the “crime” of distributing fresh milk to happy customers, total pricks like Lance Armstrong — who apparently broke all kinds of laws and regulations — aren’t even being arrested or prosecuted for their crimes.

“I was a bully” Armstrong now says. And when Winfrey asked him if he sued one particular whistleblower who tried to go public with Armstrong’s criminal doping behavior, Armstrong’s answer was, “To be honest, we sued so many people.” Yeah, as in too many victims to even count or remember. The list of Armstrong’s victims is apparently longer than the needle tracks up his arms.

And now we’re supposed to forgive this total lying prick? Aaron Swartz, the internet activist, was facing 50 years in prison for the “crime” of downloading some academic documents. Is Lance Armstrong supposed to get a free ride for doing far, far worse and even seeking to destroy the lives of other innocent people?

Lance Armstrong, may you go down in history as cycling’s most insidious, sociopathic liar

Lance Armstrong represents everything that’s wrong with society today. He lied his way to the top, he collected hundreds of millions of dollars by cheating, he bullied and threatened anyone who got in his way, and now he stages a public relations “confession” on Oprah that smacks of yet more manipulation of the public eye. It’s all so pathetic it makes me want to vomit. No doubt Armstrong has calculated that confessing would somehow salvage his image and work to his benefit.

I have yet to see Lance Armstrong do anything that didn’t somehow benefit himself. Even his entire cancer organization seems like nothing more than a front group to try to provide moral cover for his outrageous deceptions.

Allow me to join the chorus of millions of other people who are sick and tired of Armstrong’s manipulations by saying: Lance Armstrong, you are NOT forgiven! You are a despicable, disgusting manipulator who betrayed your fans, your sport and your country. You are a liar, a cheater, a drug user and a master manipulator. Even your so-called “confession” was entirely staged to create a kind of “soft apology” in the hopes that your career based on lies might still remain viable in some way. With Armstrong, the world is always a stage, and the part he plays is always an act.

If Lance is confessing now, what about all the other years during which he destroyed the careers of whistleblowing colleagues, lied to corporate sponsors, betrayed his fans, junked up his veins with illegal substances and paraded around like a humanitarian hero when he was really a substance junkie?

One staged confession, Lance, doesn’t undo all the hurt, and harm, and destruction you’ve caused over the past decade. How are you going to make amends before your fans and before God, for that matter? Where is your real humanity?

Just another sociopathic liar

I don’t know you personally, Lance, but I know your kind: You are part of a class of manipulative, sociopathic, overpaid lying bastards who think they run our world. We find your kind in politics, in banking and in the world of corporate medicine — a world you know all about, as you were a paid spokesperson for one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world. You are the kind of person who thinks you win by cheating — a person who doesn’t mind how many other people you have to hurt, threaten, lie to or betray as long as YOU are climbing to the top!

As Forbes writer Victor Lipman wrote last night:

…beyond the cheating, beyond the bullying, beyond the defiant lying, beyond the omerta (code of silence), the essence of Mr. Armstrong’s problem is manipulation. And its first cousin, control. For well over a decade, Mr. Armstrong successfully manipulated the sports world, the media, his cycling colleagues — basically everyone imaginable.

Now that he’s in disgrace, facing potential sponsor claw backs in the high millions, how does he choose to begin to resurrect his image? By a carefully chosen celebrity interview, rather than a real news conference in which he’d face real journalists and real cycling experts asking the toughest questions imaginable.

And now you expect us to forgive you? Are we supposed to imagine that none of what you did matters now? So all the years you were lying to all of us — the media, the regulators, the sponsors, and so on — none of what matters now?

You really want to be forgiven? Here’s how we will forgive you:

Give up ALL your ill-gotten gains. Donate all your assets, including your house, your car and your hundreds of millions of dollars in other assets, to all the other cyclists you betrayed and harmed.

Live as a penniless, homeless man until you find some humility. Because only then will you ever find forgiveness from those you deeply betrayed.

I’ll forgive you then, but not until then. Every day that you live in your mansion outside of Austin is another day that you live the total lie of a dishonest, wretched man who relied on deceit and trickery to achieve victory instead of the actual talent, dedication and human spirit you wanted us to believe drove you forward.

Lance Armstrong, you are a deceiver of unparalleled magnitude, and your habit of deception continues even today with your staged “confession” and never-ending attempts to manipulate your fan base with yet more deceptions. Your only path to true forgiveness is to first give up the riches you acquired through lies and deceit. Until the day comes that you walk the streets penniless and humbled, I pray that we never hear your name nor see your face again.

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