Apple (AAPL) Trades Under $500 For First Time In 11 Months

AAPL Trades Under $500 For First Time In 11 Months (ZeroHedge, Jan 14, 2013):

While the furious defense of $500 the second AAPL crossed under the psychological barrier – the first time it did so in regular trading since February 15, 2012 – was promptly launched as otherwise the hedge fund community, which as we reported two weeks ago, and as Bloomberg caught on today, is more levered and long than at any moment in the past 9 years and is mostly invested in AAPL, we expect this intervention to eventually succumb to the inevitable French military campaign conclusion, as not even every HFT algo programmed to lift every offer under $500 can delay the inevitable arrival of a very sad cashflow reality. As for the Bank of Israel which is now about 5% underwater on its AAPL cost basis: don’t worry – Ben will bail you out too.

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  1. When entire counties, communities, pension funds for teachers and towns invest in Apple to keep needed cash coming, regardless nothing can keep going up forever, this is always the result. Nothing can grow at such a rate for so long, it is impossible. Of course it is a bubble, and people are so greedy, they no longer pay attention to where the real money is, they just want it.
    If Apple made their products here instead of using unsufferable slave conditions at Foxcomm in China, and other hellholes and contributed to the real economy (as in building things) here at home, perhaps thing would be better. As it is, it isn’t good. I won’t use their products because of the horrible slave conditions of their workers, I think everyone else ought to do the same. Boycott them. But, people are so greedy for the latest toys, they don’t care about the misery of the workers forced to make them. Such a nation is doomed, and that is where we are going….downhill all the way.
    Bail them out? With what? Nobody is loaning us money, we are printing money to keep our own debt current, and we no longer build anything to invest in here. Until that changes, it will only get worse. We are out of aces, even Bernanke can only do so much. We are no longer a world economic super power, we are now another 3rd world nation full of debt. Nobody cares what we do.
    40% of world GDP contributors no longer use the dollar at all. By next year, it will be even more. We have become the Sick Man of the Americas, we are on our last legs.


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