1 thought on “Study: Radioactive Cesium In 25 Of 26 Food Samples From Fukushima Prefecture”

  1. As of March 11th, the radioactive bath we have been receiving daily will have been going on nonstop for two years. Media is mute, nothing is done to stop their genocide…..they are burning the waste, sending it into the atmosphere twice. It is avid depopulation, and I always thought people who worried about such things were cracked….but in this case, there is no other explaination. Why the world governments allow Japan to continue with their sabbatoge of our world water, crops, air and life supply is beyond me. Perhaps they don’t realize it is affecting all of us? I have never seen such insanity.
    One of the reasons much of world history has been controlled by a few leaders rather than the people is the fact the people don’t seem to know what to do. The world has gone mad. Since 1789, the world has been losing it’s reason (a concept in history, but one I am beginning to think may be correct).
    Tepco controls 98% of Japan’s power grids. So, they have incredible power. But, their folly is destroying our planet and way of life, and someone ought to stop them. The damage Japan is doing to the rest of the world is far worse than anything they did in WW 2, and they were horrible then.
    Why is nothing being done to stop it?


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