The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deadline Has Passed

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The “fiscal cliff” deadline has passed (AP, Jan 1, 2013):

WASHINGTON – The “fiscal cliff” deadline has passed – technically, at least.

The beginning of the New Year in theory means across-the-board tax increases and spending cuts kick in, but Congress is working to cancel them before they can have an impact.

The White House and congressional leaders hope to send legislation to President Barack Obama within a day or two, meaning consumers shouldn’t notice any impact.

The goal of the legislation is not only to protect consumers’ pocketbooks, but also to prevent the economy from the risk of another recession.

1 thought on “The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deadline Has Passed”

  1. This congress is mindless, sold out and serves corporate interests, not those of the people. Don’t count on them to do anything to help the people, except the corporate masters they serve.
    We are quickly losing status as a #1 nation. Our currency is being devalued to nothing thanks to non-stop printing with nothing behind it but ink. Add in the fact a world reserve currency is no longer necessary in international trade, technology has found another way…..and we are on the way down very quickly. 40% of world GDP contributors no longer use the dollar, by this time next year, it will be over 50%. The fools in power have made us the laughing stock of the world. We are nearly finished, and people won’t know what hit them.


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