TOTALLY INSANE Japan Under LDP: Shintaro Ishihara’s Son To Become Minister Of The Environment And Minister For Nuclear Plants

#Radioactive Japan Under LDP: Shintaro Ishihara’s Son to Become Minister of the Environment and Minister for Nuclear Plants (EX-SKF, Dec 25, 2012):

What an in-your-face insult to citizens of Japan, particularly for people in Kanto and Tohoku contaminated by radioactive materials from the nuclear accident, and even more so for the workers at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

Nobuteru Ishihara is the eldest son of the irascible ex-Governor of Tokyo Shintaro Ishihara, for now teaming up with the boy-wonder of Osaka City. (He didn’t inherit his uncle (Yujiro Ishihara)’s good looks or charisma, unfortunately.)

In the early days of the nuclear crisis last year, Mr. Nobuteru Ishihara was the one who said that citizens should be banned from measuring radioactivity using their personal survey meter. His ostensible reason was that the survey meters may not be “accurate”. It turned out the government’s monitoring stations have been inaccurate.

In June last year, he was the one who called the anti-nuclear movement as “mass hysteria“.

He was also the one who compared Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant to Aum Shinrikyo, a cult that was responsible for the sarin gas attack on the subway in 1995. Ishihara referred to Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant as “Fukushima I Satyam“. “Satyam” is the word that Aum Shinrikyo followers used to designate their facilities.

(Aum Shinrikyo is alive and well, by the way. The name has been changed, and they are increasing followers in Japan.)

Under the prime minister whose proof of being fit to govern was to gobble up the curry rice with pork cutlet on top, Ishihara will be in charge of decontamination (or lack thereof) and ending the nuclear accident (probably by ignoring it). Needless to say, he is all for restarting nuclear power plants.

It won’t be long that people start thinking fondly about Goshi Hosono and his disaster debris craft dolls. (At least Hosono is better-looking.)

I wonder if Ishihara is going to receive double salaries for the double positions. A minister in a Japanese cabinet makes about 37 million yen (about US$434,000) a year. For many workers in Japan, that would be 10 years worth of salaries.

Even Goshi Hosono declined to receive two salaries for his double duty as Minister of the Environment and the Minister in charge of nuclear plants/Fukushima accident.

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