Photographs ‘Doctored’ At Multiple US Nuclear Power Plants (VIDEO)

Report: Photographs “doctored” at multiple US nuclear power plants (VIDEO) (ENENews, Dec 17, 2012):

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Title: Marion Pack on the many safety risks at the San Onofre nuclear power plant and how a Fukushima-type meltdown would contaminate Southern California
Source: IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET :: A Weekly Radio Program with Dr. Helen Caldicott
Date: December 7, 2012

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Marion Pack: I also had a friend that worked out there at the Perry power plant and he was a welder. And he was telling me what I considered real horror stories in that he said all the welds had to be photographed and documented. But when they found flaws in the weld they were doctoring the photographs. […]

Host Helen Caldicott, MD: That’s what happened with Karen Silkwood you know, she was a whistleblower […] they were making fuel rods with plutonium in them and photographing them and the abnormalities in the fuel rods they were doctoring the photographs, not the rods. And she was driving with the documentation in the backseat of the car to meet a NY Times reporter when she was killed on the way. When they got to the car the documents were missing.

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