UK: 640 CPM, 19 Times Above Normal Background Radiation (Video – Dec 14, 2012)

YouTube Added: 14.12.2012


Time: 07.05hrs
Date: 14th Dec 2012
Location: South Devon England
19x above my normal background (bg) radiation.
My average background is 34cpm
Weather: Raining
Geiger counter: Inspector EXP+
The sample is a 1sqm swipe from my car.
A 10minute timed count = 565.3cpm (16.6x bg)


(You tube doesn’t allow enough room for my full write up.)
We in Radiation Watch on Facebook are looking to find out what could be the maximum Radon washout figure. After all it is important to know what’s is seemingly natural radiation falling out of the sky to that of isotopes produced inside a nuclear reactors that are nearby and vented either deliberately or after an accident or disaster like in Fukushima Japan.

So the purpose of this half life follow test is to see if this is indeed Radon washout & what was the half life. In almost 12months of my observations the maximum Radon washout I personally have seen based on the half life times is just over 10x from a 1sqm swipe. Generally it is far less.

I conducted three half life steps. The 1st step was under 52.6min. It wasn’t until step 2 & 3 where I narrowed down the half life to 41.8mins This matches Tellurium-134 (Te-134) which has a half life of 41.8mins.

In conclusion:
Not a conclusive test this time although it suggested Te-134. A Geiger counter is not an isotopic detector but the one thing we can be certain of is that this swipe did not decay by half at any time frames that match any Radon decay I have established this through three half life steps. Therefore this is not Radon washout in my opinion based on the half life times.

(Not enough room to show all the figures, they are posted on Radiation Watch on Facebook).

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