Fukushima Worker: Radioactive Water Might Overflow … Due To Lack Of Tanks

Fukushima worker “Contaminated water might overflow due to the lack of tanks” (Fukushima Diary, Dec 12, 2012):

On 11/27/2012, Fukushima diary warned about the serious shortage of contaminated water storage on the column.

(cf. [Column] X-day – when Fukushima plant discharges millions of tones of the contaminated water to Pacific ocean [Link])

According to the tweets of actual Fukushima worker Happy11311, the contaminated water storage is being the urgent problem in Fukushima plant.

Contaminated water might overflow due to the lack of the tanks.

Tepco built a new water purifying facility of Toshiba called Alps, which is supposed to filter 62 sorts of nuclides including strontium.

They expected to start the facility by this September, but because of the orders and reorganization of NISA and NRA, they can not start Alps yet. It’s not even known when they can start it.

They also expected to reduce the storage capacity because of the new water purifying facility, so they did not prepared new tanks in case they can’t start Alps.

Now a few hundreds of o tones of groundwater flows into the building on the daily basis but they still can’t even finish the bypass construction nor impervious wall.

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