Anti-Drone Street Artist Arrested, Charged With 56 Counts (Video)

YouTube Added: 07.12.2012


“A street artist who hung satirical posters criticising police surveillance activities has been arrested after an NYPD investigation tracked him to his doorstep. With the help of a small crew, the artist now identified as Essam Attia had placed the fake Big Brother-style adverts in locations throughout Manhattan, using a fake Van Wagner maintenance van and uniforms to avoid detection.”*

After creating satirical posters about the NYPD and recent efforts by the Department of Homeland Security to “facilitate and accelerate the adoption” of surveillance drones by local police departments, Essam Attia was tracked down by the NYPD’s “counter terrorism” unit and was arrested. Will he be treated more harshly for his stance? Ana Kasparian and Kim Horcher (Host, Nerd Alert) discuss Attia’s mission and if his struggle will ignite any change.

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