Total Insanity: Paper Towels Are Best Way To Decontaminate Japan – Outside Of Homes Wiped Down By Hand (NHK)

NHK: Paper towels are best way to decontaminate Japan — Outside of homes wiped down by hand (VIDEO) (ENENews, Nov 11, 2012):


Title: Decontamination: Losing the Sheltering Trees
Source: NHK
Uploaded by: MissingSky101
Date: Nov 9, 2012

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It’s now known that wiping the roof with paper towels is more effective than high pressure washing. But it takes an enormous amount of man power time and money to clean an entire roof this way. The government estimated the paper towel method cost about $19 per square meter. So Minamisoma decided to limit it to areas such as the eaves.

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The city hopes to adopt the latest techniques, but the environment ministry wants them to stick to the guidelines. […]

“What I’m concerned about is […] this full-scale decontamination of the garden seems to cost twice what we estimated […] at $19 per square meter the cleanup costs become mind-boggling. It really makes us wonder.”

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