TrimTabs’ Charles Biderman On Barack Obama As The Worst ‘Fiscal’ President Ever (Video)

Biderman On Obama As The Worst ‘Fiscal’ President Ever (ZeroHedge, Nov 7, 2012):

The US government will be bankrupt after another four years of the same Obama we had for the past four. Fitch as much as confirmed this when it suggested a downgrade is coming. TrimTabs’ Charles Biderman takes us succinctly through the painful math of just what has happened in the last four years: since Obama has been president after-tax take-home pay for everyone who pays taxes is still down by about 5% nominally and more than 10% after inflation. Dismissing GDP as anything but a misguided and misused spreadsheet output, the bombastic Biderman is concerned – and rightly so – as he sums up: “My guess is that Mr. Obama and his close buddies have no idea what they are doing, or else they would not be doing what they have been doing. The most dangerous are those people who think they are smarter than they are.

Perhaps it is his ranting tone but the greyness of the storm-clouds in the background are perhaps the best analogy for what is to come…

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