Veterans Todays’ Gordon Duff: Organized Crime Funding US Presidential Candidates

Organized crime funding US presidential candidates: Analyst (PressTV, Nov 5, 2012):

A political analyst says that of the billions of dollars being contributed to US presidential candidates, more than one billion dollars is from organized crime, Press TV reports.

“…We’re estimating it to be in this election over one billion dollars worth of organized crime money that will go to support political parties in the US,” political commentator and senior editor of Veterans Today, Gordon Duff told Press TV during an interview.

“We have floating around the world in hedge funds, the most loose capital in the world. It’s related to organized crime, the drug market, which grows between 100 and 200 billion dollars per year and frankly they are very loud voices in American politics.”

Duff also said that the United States’ electoral and political systems go against the country’s constitution.

“The issue isn’t even as much the Electoral College… In the United States Senate we have senators that represent ten million people; we have senators representing forty thousand people. The Senate itself is a violation of the equal protection provisions of our own Constitution”.

The US presidential candidates also receive funds from the Israeli lobby.

According to the analyst, nearly 80 percent of American Jews voted for President Obama in 2008.

“Yet, of money that comes in from the Israeli lobby almost all of it goes to the Republican candidate and not to the candidate supported by American Jews.”

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