Tepco To Force All Employees To Go To Fukushima Several Times A Year For Decontamination, Starting 2013

[Fukushima conscription started] Tepco will oblige all the employees to go to Fukushima, 100,000ppl/y in total. (Fukushima Diary, Oct 27, 2012):

In the mid-term administration plan, Tepco decided to send all of their employees to Fukushima for decontamination from 2013. They are sent to Fukushima for 2~3 times a year, about 100,000 people in total will go to Fukushima annually. This is not volunteer, this is obligation.They will also increase the “experts” of decontamination from 100 to 300 by the autumn of 2013.

The purpose is to make decontamination work more efficient and reduce the cost.

The total cost of decontamination is estimated to be trillions of yen. It is not clear how the government and Tepco will share the cost.


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