Ted Turner Apologizes For Saying It’s ‘Good’ U.S. Soldiers Are Committing Suicide (Video)


The World’s Biggest Landowners

Top billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation (Times)

Ted Turner Repeats Call For Population Curb (Video):

Billionaire Globalist Ted Turner, who earlier this month predicted that global warming would eventually lead to cannibalism, has repeated his call to curb population growth, claiming that disappearing farmland will cause food riots, despite the fact that Turner himself is behind the push to grow corn-based ethanol, an industry the UN has blamed for food shortages and increased poverty.

Ted Turner Apologizes For Saying It’s “Good” U.S. Soldiers Are Committing Suicide (Prison Planet, Oct 26, 2012):

After Infowars broke the story of Ted Turner commenting that it was “good” U.S. troops are killing themselves during an appearance on CNN, the issue went viral and Turner was last night forced to apologize for making the remarks.


Turner’s comments on Piers Morgan Tonight a few days ago had gone virtually unnoticed until we highlighted them in a You Tube video. The story was then picked up by Breitbart and the Drudge Report and has since gone viral, appearing in Fox News, the Front Page Magazine, the Hollywood Reporter and numerous other outlets.

Had the story not gone viral, Turner’s offensive remarks would have gone unchecked but last night he was forced to issue a public apology.

During my recent interview on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, I inadvertently used the word “good” when asked for my thoughts on the increasing rate of suicide among U.S. military soldiers in the Middle East. It was certainly not my intent to imply that suicide is “good.” Rather, I was implying that it is good that the public is more aware of these tragedies and is more averse to war and war-related fatalities.

My message has always been one of peace, I believe that we’re born programmed to love and help each other, not to kill or hurt each other. I strongly support our U.S. troops and would never intentionally say anything to harm the brave men and women serving our country. I deeply apologize for any misunderstanding caused by this comment.

However, as we highlighted yesterday, Turner’s advocacy for “peace” and “love” doesn’t extend to the billions of people he wants to see wiped off the planet as part of a huge population reduction effort, nor to the millions of babies he would have killed under the global one child policy he advocates.

Although Turner himself has five children and owns thousands of acres of land, in 2010 he told Canada’s Globe and Mail that world leaders should “institute a global one-child policy to save the Earth’s environment.”

China’s brutal one-child policy is enforced through forced abortions and the torture and abuse of anyone who dares flout the law – unless they are rich and can afford the punitive taxes.

Turner has also repeatedly called for the planet’s population to be reduced so drastically that the only way it could be achievable would be through a massive global genocide.

“A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal,” Turner stated in 1996.

Turner has since moderated his fervor for population reduction, earlier this year expressing his desire to see only 5 billion people wiped off the face of the earth.

These were the subjects up for discussion when Turner met in secret with the likes of George Soros, Bill Gates and David Rockefeller at a 2009 private gathering of billionaires in Manhattan, a confab focused around how the elite could use their wealth to “slow the growth of the world’s population.”

Human Events asks whether or not Barack Obama will wade in on Turner’s CNN comments, given that he recently addressed “Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock’s controversial comments on abortion and rape.”

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