GOP Now Ironically Begging Ron Paul Supporters For Help

GOP Now Ironically Begging Ron Paul Supporters For Help (Examiner, Oct 9, 2012):

The Houston Chronicle posted their weekly report on Saturday detailing their top 10 most popular articles of the week. Third most popular was an article describing GOP Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s plea to Ron Paul supporters, begging for their support, just weeks after the GOP and the media egregiously shunned Paul supporters at the national convention and throughout the entire 2012 nomination process.

Potentially hoping the vast majority of Ron Paul supporters have already forgotten how badly they were treated during the election season, by the GOP establishment, in almost every state they had an opportunity to participate, all of the sudden it seems as though they are important enough to the Republicans they feel it necessary to now start begging for help.

Mere weeks ago the long-standing attitude by both the establishment and its media was that Ron Paul and his supporters were nothing but a nuisance, wanting nothing to do with anything associated with Ron Paul. They wouldn’t let him speak at the national convention, even though he was one of the only two candidates left standing and he was literally forced to walk the convention floor for support like a petty, third-rate peasant. The convention staff did everything in their power to discredit and literally, illegally disqualify duly and legally elected Ron Paul delegates from participating in the process and coercively manipulated the proceedings so Paul delegates couldn’t have any meaningful effect on the outcome, of any aspect, of the convention. Yet, now the Republicans, or at least Paul Ryan, realizes they may not have a chance to win without them and are now asking for their help.

Since prior to January’s Iowa caucus the Republican establishment and its media, on both sides of the aisle, have been acting as if Paul supporters were kooks, nut jobs and conspiracy theorists. Throughout the entire process they’ve endured some of the most outrageous claims and character assassinations politics has ever seen. Since the Tea Party movement was adopted by Ron Paul and his supporters in 2007, prior to it being co-opted by the Republican establishment, the world has seen some of the most sadistic and horrific rhetoric and actions ever established to prevent a legitimate candidate from having a fair chance and opportunity in a political process.

Almost every single state that allowed for individuals to participate in a delegate selection process, after that state’s initial straw poll (caucus) concluded, so-called GOP “officials” participated in unimaginable rules violations and practices to prevent Ron Paul and his supporters from gaining any momentum or having any success, without any demand for accountability by anyone in the GOP establishment or the mainstream media. Even going to such extremes as submitting fake slates of delegates to the convention floor, subverting or breaking countless other rules if Paul supporters were winning convention battles, physically assaulting supporters, kicking them out of local, regional or state conventions or were even having them arrested to prevent participation.

Had the media been honest about the process and about Paul’s character and policies, told the truth about who was winning the polls (Ron Paul) prior to the beginning of the election season and had they demanded fairness and integrity throughout the process, it is very likely Ron Paul and his truly educated and truly conservative values, policies and ideologies would have won out with the conservative American constituency.

Forthcoming journalists like Ben Swann of WXIX Cincinnati and the Conspiracy Examiner, via, carefully and thoroughly documented almost every step of the 2012 GOP nomination process and clearly spelled out an obvious agenda, doing everything it took, both physically and psychologically, to steal the nomination for a pro-establishment candidate, like Mitt Romney, to secure a “choice” for the American people that would not deviate too far from the current direction the establishment, on either side of the aisle, has been speeding toward for decades. All while thoroughly demonizing Ron Paul and his supporters in the media as the antithesis of anything America needs, during the entire process.

To the vast majority of Paul supporters and any other American voter that has done research independent from sources suggested by the typical mainstream talking head, Romney represents almost none of the ideals and policies they would expect to see from a President, especially one claiming to be a conservative. Even if they did, his rhetoric changes from one extreme to the other so frequently and depending on what audience he may be standing in front of, it’s literally impossible to truly gauge where he actually stands on policy anyway. Even Republican establishment gatekeeper Rush Limbaugh has thoroughly detailed the fact that Romney resembles nothing like the typical conservative. That being said, other than very little of the recent rhetoric adopted since Romney began running for President in 2007, his political history, voting record and historical commentary is actually closer to Obama’s than any other candidate presented to the American people since Obama himself ran for office four to five years ago. It’s actually quite stunning to see the American people buy into the establishment media’s rhetoric about any differences Obama and Romney may have, considering just how similar both candidates are.

Both candidates have maintained a belief in socialized medicine, the bailout (TARP) of so-called “too big to fail” global banking cartels (the same institutions that have generally funded both campaigns with massive contributions…Romney’s campaign funding vs. Obama’s), the continued militarization of the Middle East and North Africa (PNAC) for the continued domination of energy resources in the region and the continued degradation of the Muslim culture, the ultimate invasion of Iran while pushing Israeli-style Iranian nuclear weapons propaganda, the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that includes the unconstitutional indefinite detention of American citizens, the continued trust in a private Federal Reserve system that has overseen a 98% decrease in the value of the US dollar since its inception in 1913 and any other extremely important policy that is almost never discussed in an open forum, such as Presidential debates or on the local or national news.

The vast majority of Ron Paul supporters are fully aware of these circumstances… The very reason they became Ron Paul supporters to begin with. Very few are shaken in any meaningful way by the new GOP request to “fall in line” with the Republican establishment for fear of Romney losing to Obama if they don’t add their support to the Republican base. Paul supporters realize there truly is very little difference between Obama and Romney, especially when it comes to the policies that truly matter to the American people. Paul supporters are more concerned about the continued loss of their rights and freedoms and understand that, even if Romney happens to win, no significant changes are going to occur.

The common talking points Obama and Romney argue about publicly, Obama-care, abortion, and the way they argue about jobs and the economy are laughable and neither has ever offered any significant ideas of value that would indicate a change from a direction that has seen the epic declines in American education, the value of the US dollar, American living standards, industrialization and the shipping of jobs overseas by both candidates, the quality of food and so many other important aspects that affect the lives of the American people.

Americans have instead witnessed decades of growing obesity rates and the declining overall health of the American people, skyrocketing health care costs, skyrocketing fuel prices, skyrocketing debt that recently surpassed $16 trillion and is well on its way to $17 trillion and climbing, the loss of age-old civil liberties, an ever-growing police state and so many other aspects of an American lifestyle that now seems to be nothing more than a distant memory. Ask either of the two remaining candidates and they will, typically, tell you they are both open gun control advocates and will both likely continue supporting the UN in pushing for the further reduction of gun rights in America, via policies like the UN small arms Treaty, as well.

Absolutely nothing about a neocon like Mitt Romney entices Ron Paul supporters into throwing their support into his corner and by Paul Ryan now openly begging for their support, even after how poorly they’ve been treated over the past five years by both the GOP and the establishment’s mainstream local and national media, it’s not only embarrassing that they’d even bring themselves to ask, it also gives credence to just how desperate the Romney campaign and the GOP is for support.

Maybe the GOP establishment and those in the mainstream media that still actually believe Romney represents any real change from the status quo or the current path America has been on for the past few decades should’ve thought about how important Ron Paul’s supporters were to their success, prior to treating them like they were the black plague over the past five years… Not that Libertarian and conservative minded patriots like Ron Paul supporters would have ever backed a quasi-liberal neocon like Romney in the first place. Not even for his quasi-neocon running mate, Paul Ryan.

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