A Marine Who Knew Too Much (Veterans Today)

A Marine Who Knew Too Much (Veterans Today, Sep 29, 2012):

Retired General Mark Kimmitt in the U.S. State Dept. is going to have some answering to do.

They knew what day we were coming. All I know is that they were already in position and waiting, and they had a ton of ammo! It was a complex ambush. There was no movement in the town or around it before the main force was engaged.” – Scout Squad Leader, USMC

According to many independent sources, Kimmitt is connected with every incident that beats on our American conscience. I have been going over this material for three years, since right after the ambush took place, and while I think many Americans know Kimmitt’s name, they do not understand the full impact of what this man means to our dark legacy in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Again, according to information gleaned from many sources, it appears that Kimmitt is behind the Ganjagal Ambush that left four Marines (One was a Navy Corpsman, as I said ‘Marines’) dead for no reason other than the fact that Aaron Kenefick; who had a top security clearance, was Marine Force Recon (Marine Corps’s special forces like Green Berets and Navy SEAL’s) and had been Kimmitt’s aide and through that experience, knew too much to remain alive.

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