Tepco Emergency Email Reports Another Big Water Leak At Fukushima: ‘71,000,000,000 Bq/m3 Of β Nuclides’

Tepco sent emergency email to report water leakage, “71,000,000,000 Bq/m3 of β nuclides” (Fukushima Diary, Sep 15, 2012):

Tepco sent the emergency email to press to report they found contaminated water leaking from their the desalination system (Reverse osmosis membrane).

Tepco has constantly contaminated water leakage problem. They had the same problem on 8/17/2012 as well. (cf. 11,400,000 Bq/m3 of cesium leaked again, “metal fatigue of a coupler”)

They reported like this below

9:42 9/15/2012, Tepco employee found contaminated water leakage at the desalination system (Reverse osmosis
membrane) 3.

They changed it from leakage to dripping by turning off the system and they confirmed they stopped the leakage at 11:15 of the same day. (leakage for 1h33m)

It was 7m × 7m × 5mm (deepest). They state it didn’t leak out of the building.

They haven’t measured radiation contained in the leaked water yet.
Last time they measured it on 8/21/2012, it was

Iodine 131:ND
Cs 134:2.5E6 Bq/m3
Cs 137:3.5E6 Bq/m3
β nuclides:7.1E10Bq/m3

Tepco stated it doesn’t affect the water injection to reactors.

Additionally, Kyodo reported the contaminated water leaked again from the same place in the afternoon. The total leakage amount was 250L at least. [Link]















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