Arnie Gundersen On High Radiation Levels Around Reactor No. 3

Gundersen on ‘high level’ radiation around Unit 3: “Can’t just be activation products” — This supports my detonation theory (ENENews, Sep 12, 2012):

Regarding the recent report Yomiuri: Tepco having difficulty with ‘debris’ around Unit 3 due to high radiation — Years before spent fuel removal will begin, Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education writes to ENENews:

This supports my Unit 3 Detonation theory.

Why should the “high levels of radiation” only be near Unit 3 and not Unit 1 or 2???

“High level” can’t just be activation products of releases from inside the fuel rods, as this happened at all three units.

What isotopes are they finding?

In 2011, the NRC said there were fuel fragments near Unit 3… now only silence?

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