South African Miners ‘Playing Dangerous Game’ As Tensions Rise Again

South African Miners “Playing Dangerous Game” As Tensions Rise Again (ZeroHedge, Sep 11, 2012):

While it appears the mainstream media has forgotten about the ongoing drama in South Africa, the tensions are rising rather dramatically around the Marikana mines (owned by LonMin mining). As Al Jazeera reports, thousands of miners (along with wives and supporters) have defied an extended deadline (brokered by the government) and decide to remain on strike. The following clip provides some rather concerning color on what is occurring as Julius Malema, the expelled ANC leader, has already been charged with inciting violence – and is “playing a rather dangerous game.” He is calling for a national strike as he addresses the people: “they have been stealing this gold from you. Now it is your turn, you want your piece of the gold.” The tough reality is that as extraction costs rise (energy/depth) and now miners’ costs rise, then the end-product’s cost must rise, or – as Melema suggests – supply goes offline.  Must see clip.

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