It’s Official: People Who Stayed In Fukushima Are Guinea Pigs (Video)

Watch: It’s official, people who stayed in Fukushima are guinea pigs (VIDEO) (ENENews, Sep 1, 2012):

Japan government officially making study on kids in Fukushima
Published by aristoman007
Published on Aug 31, 2012

Transcript Summary

At 0:25 in

  • I was completely shocked by the news I saw today… the Japanese gov’t to make research and study of radiation effects
  • So now it’s official, all those things we heard about people staying behind in Fukushima being Guinea pigs.
  • They just completely confirmed officially.
  • For me this is morally unbelievable.
  • Of course these people need some attention, but they don’t need study or research on them.

At 1:50 in

  • This is completely bullshit for me.
  • I don’t think any of those people that stayed behind is asking for research on their kids.
  • They don’t need the gov’t making research on them, I believe.

At 3:15 in

  • Future is waiting in the hospital taking blood and taking other tests.
  • Even children who won’t remember Fukushima will be studied.
  • NHK says the people are asking for this study, this is bullshit, I hate this.

At 3:50 in

  • So kids you are going to hospital and having your blood taken because the Japanese gov’t wants to do studies on you.
  • Yeah for the next generations you make service to this country and to all nuclear industry you make service.. kids… fuck.
  • Now they need the money and who is going to pay for it? The taxpayers… not the nuclear industry.
  • It’s horrible, horrible. I cannot control myself.

At 5:45 in

  • Parents you are accepting the responsibility if you don’t stand up and you just accepting to be guinea pigs for the Japanese gov’t.
  • As a parent I am angry just to listen to it.
  • I made my decision. I will never let any gov’t make my children guinea pigs.


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