German Court Reverses Anti-‘Nazi-Era’ Military Restrictions … Now Soldiers Can Be Doployed With Guns On German Soil

More preparations for the greatest financial/economic collapse in (known) world history.

German Court Reverses Anti-‘Nazi-Era’ Military Restrictions (ZeroHedge, Aug 19, 2012):

Late on Friday, the BBC reported that the German military will in future be able to use its weapons on German streets in an extreme situation. This ruling, we hope purely a technicality – but clearly warranting some concern as to ‘why now?’ – by Germany’s Constitutional Court, reverses some of the severe restriction on military deployments that were set down in the German constitution after Nazi-era abuses. After WWII, the new constitution ruled that soldiers could not be deployed with guns at the ready on German soil – the court has now changed that (it seems on the basis of terrorist concerns – as opposed to widespread bank runs, populist revolts at bailout-back-downs, or Hollande/Monti/Draghi sending over some boys).

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