Monsanto Capitalizes On Drought And Enslaves Farmers

Monsanto Capitalizes on Drought and Enslaves Farmers (Farm Wars, Aug 8, 2012):

Monsanto is by far one of the greatest disaster capitalists around. Not only does this paraiah of a company manufacture and sell genetically engineered crops (GMOs) that actually increase drought conditions, but it is now poised to capitalize on the very same conditions that it helps to cause.

In “Why in the World Are They Spraying?,” we talk about how Monsanto has a patent on genetically engineering plants able to withstand abiotic stresses such as drought and how it stands to profit from the effects of “climate change.” Therefore, with drought conditions worsening, like any good disaster capitalist, Monsanto is about to cash in. I expected it, others expected it, and here it is… just what we’ve been expecting…

Monsainto to the rescue with programs for farmers hit by the drought. Oh, by the way, there is that very tiny matter of signing the 44 page indentured servant agreement, but don’t worry about that little detail, we’re here to help you… really we are…

Supporting Farmers’ Ability to Invest in 2013 Planting

While crop insurance will help farmers recover from a portion of their losses as a result of the drought, the timing of their claim payments may make it more difficult for them to re-invest in their businesses and prepare for the 2013 planting season.   Monsanto is helping their farmer customers in affected regions by offering additional prepay options and financing assistance for the purchase of their seed. Farmers in impacted areas can call 1-855-379-1212 to discuss their individual situation and explore options with a Monsanto representative.

Monsanto’s Long-Term Research to Help Farmers Mitigate Risk

Beyond this year’s devastating drought, Monsanto is committed to helping farmers mitigate their risk over the long term.  The company’s work in plant breeding and biotechnology is focused on developing innovative products that can help farmers manage challenging agronomic conditions and stressors to their cropping systems.  These products can help mitigate crop losses and the broader impact those losses have on rural communities.

GMOs are invasive. They take over other crops, horizontally transfer genes to other species, and land in our guts where they mutate, cause disease, and quite literally change our DNA. This is genetic cleansing for humans, animals, plants, and anything that breathes. And who gets to pick and choose just which genes are “okay?” Not you and me, that’s for sure. At least not until our choices are so narrowed down that the only things available have a “Made by Monsanto” stamp on them.

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  1. what a nut job you are. This is nonesense – there is virtually no true fact in here. Go back to school and get an education. GMO crops are not invasive – zero eviudence for this. Monsanto doesn’t enstave farmers you idiot. They have about 35% of corn share in US what do the other 70% do? Why do you think they buy GM seed? Becuase it works. Go get a job and do something with your life – like Monsanto employees do.


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