Fukushima: Japan Dropped More Than 168 Hiroshima Bombs On Itself … Based On The Most Moderate Estimate And Cesium-137 Alone

66 years later, Japan dropped more than 168 Hiroshima atomic bombs on itself (Cs-137 base) (Fukushima Diary, Aug 5, 2012):

At 8:15 AM 67 years ago, Hiroshima got the first atomic bomb in the world.

So far, 280,959 people died. Only within this year, no less than 5,729 people are added to the list. (cf. Ministry of health concealed the survey data of atomic bomb victims)

They hold a ceremony every year and state they won’t let the world repeat the same tragedy, but Japanese government is still reluctant to admit the fact that black rain fell not to pay the compensation.

As a matter of fact, they shall give the statement to themselves.

According to the report of Japanese government in 2011, which is presumed to be the most moderate estimate, Fukushima reactor1 ~ 3 emit as 168 times much cesium-137 as Hiroshima atomic bomb by August of 2011.

When it comes to Iodine-131, it was 63,000 tera-Bq in Hiroshima, where it was 160,000 tera-Bq in Fukushima. As to Strontium-90, it was 58 tera-Bq in Hiroshima, where it was 140 tera-Bq.

Moreover, there was no emission of Cs-134 in Hiroshima, so it is not comparable with Fukushima.

The data is not published to count possible emission from reactor4, also, sea contamination is not counted either.

It has been about 17 months since 311. It’s been like having a Hiroshima atomic bomb every 3 days since 311.

It can be more than that in reality because radiation still keeps leaking.

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