UK Homeless Rate Surged By 25 Percent In The Last 3 Years

UK homeless rate rises by 25% (PressTV, July 31, 2012):
The number of the homeless families and individuals in England has surged by 25 percent in the recent three years, a new research shows.

The number of homeless families and individuals in England has surged by a quarter in the recent three years, a new research warns.

According to data experts SSentif, the number of people classed as homeless and in need of emergency accommodation was 50,290 in 2011-12, showing an increase of over 25 percent when compared to 40,020 in 2009-10.

The research also found that regionally, the East of England faced the highest increase, with the number of cases increasing from 3,660 in 2009-10 to 5,270 in 2011-12, up by 44 percent.

Moreover, the figures revealed that the British government’s spending on tackling the problem of homelessness has dropped from £213.7m in 2009-10 to £199.8m in 2010-11.

However, a spokesman for the UK Department for Communities and Local Government claimed that these figures were “a narrow and misleading snapshot,” adding that the homelessness “is actually lower than for 28 of the last 30 years – and is half the average rate seen under the previous government”.

Meanwhile, shadow communities secretary Hilary Benn blamed the country’s homelessness rise on “a double-dip recession made in Downing Street and sharp falls in house building.”

Earlier this month, a ComRes/Independent poll showed that the majority of UK public are concerned about the British premier David Cameron’s plan to end housing benefit for the under-25s, saying it would inevitably lead to an increase in the number of homeless people.

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