How To Deal With DHS Highway Checkpoints

YouTube Added: 09.07.2012


Westbound I-8 in Southern California (an East-West highway that NEVER intersects the international border).

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  1. I was traveling with my 18 year old daughter on Tuesday from AZ to San Diego, CA on I-8. We went through four military grade traffic stops. On the fourth and final one, the Gestapo agents were fully armed and had dogs. The white female office with the dog ordered me to pull over my RV. Then a black male military member forced me and my daughter to get out of our RV, turn it off, and stand back from the vehicle. I was “asked” if they could search myself and my vehicle. I asked them “what if I do not give you permission?”

    I was told that they would then phsically detain me and my college bound pre-med student daughter, and then they would search us and our RV anyway.

    The very next words I heard was “papers?” “Where are you going?” “Why are you on this road?”

    THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. What the hell is happening to us? Rise up citizens! The threat to our freedom is the very Government who is in power. The time is here. The time is now. The politicians like John McCain, Barry O’Bama, Goerge Bush, BOTH OF THE CLINTONS, Nancy Piloski (sp)…. they must be put on trial for TREASON now before it is too late. We only have a few months at best.


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