Art Of Investment: Germans Go On A Spending Spree, Opt For Luxury Amid Crisis … Fearing The Euro Collapsing (Video)

YouTube Added: 15.07.2012


Despite the European financial crisis, Germans are spending great amounts of money on luxury goods. With the euro’s future uncertain, Germans are buying into the idea that saving is wasting. They are investing their money in real estate, art and jewelry, which they consider to be more durable. They are also taking the opportunity to invest in home renovations and are splashing out on medical procedures.

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This is a safe investment:

When asked in 2000 where I would put my money to protect my assets I said: “GOLD!”

This surprised many people because they knew that I have studied economics and that I would ‘never put all my eggs in one basket’.

So they asked again: What else would you invest in?

And I replied: “Nothing else, just GOLD!”

Later I added SILVER to the very short list of safe investments.

And don’t forget food, water and a remote farm, because you can’t eat gold and silver, nor will you be able to defend it against ‘the crowd’ in a big city.

The greatest financial/economic collapse in known world history is coming.

Not many people can afford to be prepared and as you can see from the video:

Those who have all the money in the world more often than not don’t know what to do with it!

Preparedness is a step by step process and the most important thing about preparedness is to START … and KEEP GOING.

Oh, I ‘almost’ forgot to mention one very important thing: FRIENDS!!!

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