Nigel Farage On The ‘Scientology-Like’ Cult Of The Euro (Video)

Farage On The ‘Scientology-Like’ Cult Of The Euro (ZeroHedge, July 13, 2012):

In an extended discussion with various pro- and con- European Parliamentarians, everyone’s favorite (well, most forthright, for sure) British MEP, Nigel Farage, opined on entering the hallowed halls of Europe’s Hogwarts-like hub in Brussels that he is surprised:

“After five (soon to be six) nations already bailed out, that so few people inside these institutions are even prepared to contemplate that there might be something wrong with the Euro project”

adding that he feels that:

“he is surrounded by some weird cult – that, even after disaster, continue to believe”

Brief clip:


the longer interview:


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