BEHOLD A PALE HORSE – America’s Last Chance (Trailer)


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Part 1 of a powerful new film about liberty and freedom written and directed by Chuck Untersee and featuring country music legend Charlie Daniels is now ready. The documentary is narrated by Charlie Daniels, and contains commentary from some of the biggest names in the patriot movement. Larry Pratt, Edwin Vieira, Charles Key, Kaye Beach, Debra Medina, Joel Skousen, Lt. General Jerry Boykin, and several others.

In this trailer:
– Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin (3 Star General, retired)
– Country Music Legend Charlie Daniels
–’s Michael Shaw
–’s Dr. Stan Monteith
– Trends Research Institute’s Gerald Celente
– Author & Educator Beverly Eakman
– World Affairs Brief’s Joel Skousen
– Gun Owners of America’s Larry Pratt
– Author & Historian Jim Marrs
– Oklahoma State Senator Charles Key
–’s Michael Badnarik
– Constitutional Alliance’s Kaye Beach
– American Patriot Elena Chitta

– A Heartland Pictures film…

– codex alimentarius

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