1 thought on “Insane Japan: Demolition At Fukushima Reactor No.4 (Video)”

  1. The insanity continues, and the blackout on this story is endless. Deformed and poisoned fish wash ashore around the world, our food, water, air, soil is being destroyed and nothing said or done.
    Mankind is the only species foolish enough to invent things beyond our abilities to control them. I am advanced in years with a terminal illness that will soon take my life, and the nightmare I see ahead for mankind makes my pending demise a blessing.
    I don’t know when we crossed the line, my guess it was the day we split the atom….we then embarked on technology we had no way of controlling, numbering our days for all time.
    We had a golden era from 1800-2000 where mankind went from candlelight to electric lights, from horse and buggy to trains, planes, and automobiles. Our advances in standard of living for so many of us were unprecedented. I almost specialized in the Industrial Revolution (degree is in history) because it changed the face of living more dramatically than any other era in known history. What an amazing era!
    Now, all those labor saving devices I remember as a child in post WW2 America have become our masters….we cannot purchase anything in a store without a computer running the transaction. Same with jobs, credit, everything. Reaching a real person instead of a robot is a huge challenge, and the cold, impersonal nightmare in which we now exist is a monument to our folly. A few people have control of the world, and our population runs around linked into an electronic virtual reality oblivious to the disaster we face……they believe the stuff told them on tv and their smart phones.
    I have studied ancient Egypt and other vanished civilizations in my time. I have been able to visit some of the ancient ruins, and the technology building the pyramids and temples far exceed the lore of slave labor and other silly ideas. One cannot slide a business card between the stones of the pyramids at Tikal, I tried…..and they were built over 4000 years ago.
    I think mankind has advanced before, and fallen hard and quick. Perhaps our species isn’t capable of handling life beyond a certain level of complexity…..what we have now far exeeds our abilities to control them.
    Reactor #4 is the deadliest of the reactors at this site, and its meltdown and fallout adds a lot of danger to a deadly problem with no solutions. The use of plutonium is also unprecedented in other nuclear accidents……didn’t have it in Russia. Were it not for this website, I would not have known that.
    I do know a blackout won’t save us from this disaster.
    Thank you for being such a brave reporter of this unprecedented disaster against all the powerful beings who want this story buried. The fact they are planning to restart other nuclear plants in Japan only compounds the insanity. With such fools in power, we are doomed.


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