Fukushima City (290,000 People): 85.03 Microsieverts/Hour In Mud From River (Video, June 2012)



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On 23 June 2012, I measured radiation at a riverside of WATARASE river in Fukushima city of Fukushima prefecture, Japan.
The monitoring point is central area of Fukushima city, near the bridge of national road route 4 across the river, only 200m for Fukushima prefectural government office, and 55km from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power plant.
There are rain water drainage ditchs into ABUKUMA river from “WATARI”, a housing area of Fukushima city.
I monitored 0.45 micro Sievert per hour in air at my breast hight of the river water’s edge.
15.70 in air at 100cm high near mud of the drainage ditch, 85.03 micro Sievert per hour on the mud. It is said that “WATARI” area is one of the hotest spot of Fukushima city center area.
Measuring instrument is made of Ukraine, ECOTEST MKS-05.
Population of Fukushima city : 290,000.
This place has been reported in June 2012, by a NHK-ETV program, “What’s going in rivers ? Networking, Fukushima Pollution Map”
85.03μSv/h 福島市渡利 阿武隈川への排水路泥 2012年6月23日, 川で何がおきているのか

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