Former White House Photographer Sues Police

Former White House Photographer Sues Police (Pixiq, June 14, 2012):

The photojournalist who had his White House credentials revoked after he was unlawfully arrested for video recording a police encounter in Maryland last year filed a lawsuit this week.

Mannie Garcia is seeking at least $500,000 from the incident in which he stepped out of a restaurant with his wife and noticed Montgomery County police arresting two men.

He pulled out his camera and began recording. When police spotted him, they walked over to him and arrested him for disorderly conduct.

When they returned his camera to him, his memory card was missing.

He was eventually acquitted but by then, the Secret Service had revoked his White House credentials.

According to Courthouse News:

Garcia claims he identified himself as a member of the press when Malouf approached him, and he continued to record them, which enraged the officers.

“Defendant Malouf did not like the fact that Mr. Garcia continued to record their actions with the camera, so he lost his temper, became enraged, screamed ‘That’s it!,’ and placed Mr. Garcia under arrest,” the complaint states.

“Defendant Malouf then placed a ‘choke hold’ on Mr. Garcia and dragged him across the street to his police cruiser.

“Defendant Malouf repeatedly threw Mr. Garcia to the ground.”

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