Hotspot Found In Elementary School 254Km From Fukushima

Hotspot found in an elementary school at 254km from Fukushima (Fukushima Diary, June 10, 2012):

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Hotspot found in mid Kanagawa prefecture as well. It was in Elementary school, where is 254km away from Fukushima.

National diet is 226km from Fukushima, the school is 28km further.

Seishin elementary school in Sagamihara city Kanagawa measured 0.40 ~ 1.10 μSv/h beside rain gutters of the school gym on 6/5/2012. It was measured at 5cm above from the ground.
After removing 400kg of the soil, it was decreased to be 0.09 ~ 0.10 μSv/h.

The removed soil is packed in plastic bags and kept in the locked warehouse.
Board of education of Sagamihara city requested 109 of elementary school and junior high school to check the radiation level beside rain gutters.


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