Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney (Video)

Rand Paul Endorses ELITE PUPPET Mitt Romney.

So it’s ELITE PUPPET Obama vs ELITE PUPPET Romney.

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Rand Paul endorses Romney (Politico, June 7, 2012):

File this under signs the Ron Paul campaign is really, truly over: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul threw his support tonight to Mitt Romney.

The endorsement came in an appearance on “Hannity,” a little less than 24 hours after the elder Paul acknowledged in an email that his delegate total is “not enough to win the nomination.”

Romney embraced the endorsement in a press release, calling Rand Paul a “leading voice in the effort to scale back the size and reach of government and promote liberty.”

“Over the past three and half years, President Obama has made government more and more of a presence in our lives, and Americans can’t afford four more years of the same failed policies,” Romney said. “As president, I will reform the federal government and make it smaller, simpler, and smarter. I am grateful for Sen. Paul’s support and look forward to working with him to get America back on the right track.”

Now the question is: how many Pauls will speak at the Republican National Convention?

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